Dr. Larry Berkelhammer has lived with several chronic medical conditions since childhood. For decades he endured the frustration of not knowing the causes of his physical problems. Then, well into adulthood, he was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and a primary immunodeficiency disease. At the same time, he was told there were no known cures for any of them and that treatment for some would make others worse.

In Your Own Hands: New Hope for People with Chronic Medical Conditions (Empowered Patient Coalition Press, Jan. 2014, 98-0991243709) serves as a guide to help those living with chronic illness, as well as their caregivers, learn to live with conscious intention to maximize health and wellbeing. Larry teaches a class based on his new book at The College of Marin and anyone is invited him to learn about participating. Larry also blogs for PsychCentral.com, with 3.7 million monthly views.




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