We're celbrating our 100th episode! Tune in for special guests Carol Gino and Elizabeth Scala. We've got some great content for you along with give-aways, announcements, and a whole lot of RNFM Radio fun! See you there! 

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Have you been using Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin in your business? Well, we'd like to share some changes with you that occurring with some of these platforms, and offer you some solutions to help you maximize them as an entrepreneur. 

Stay Tuned!

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Representatives of the National Student Loan Servicing Center

Please join the hosts of RNFM Radio as we discuss student loans and student loan forgiveness programs with representatives of the National Student Loan Service Center. If you have loans---or you know someone who does---this is certainly worth tuning in for!

Be sure to use coupon code: RNFMForgiveness for $100 off the administrative cost to get yourself closer to becoming debt free!

Call 1-888-384-0877 extension 102 or extension 103

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Please join RN.FM Radio in a lively discussion with Dr. Tom Griedanus, the founder of Incendant.com. Let's talk about authentically engaging our patients in their own care, and maximizing the patient-provider relationship! 

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