Episode 103: Staci Joy RN, Holistic Nurse Entrepreneur

Staci Joy's main focus includes fueling athletes for optimal performance and repair as well as families in need of improving their overall health status, decreasing their risk of developing chronic disease and reversing the disease process, with an emphasis on chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders and conditions included in the Autism spectrum disorders.


You can experience StaciJoy’s Health Zone, an internet-based radio Podcast, where she brings you what’s what, who’s who and what’s new in health and wellness today as she travels the world.



StaciJoy published her first book in March of 2012 called one littlething: how to make big leaps with tiny steps. This simple little pocket book is her attempt to improve public health by addressing the sick and obese population, teaching them how to make big changes by simply adding one little thing at a time to their lifestyle habits.

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Please join RNFM Radio in a dynamic roundtable conversation with Dr. Renee Thompson and Dr. Susan Strauss, two well-known national experts on nurse bullying and horizontal violence who have both graced the airwaves of RNFM Radio in the past. This is an important show for every nurse to hear! In fact, we will be discussing workplace bullying in all aspects of healthcare, so non-nurses also take notice and tune in! 

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Join us for this fascinating interview with Seth Hammock, an expert medical interpreter based in Austin, Texas.

Seth will share with us about his journey to become a medical interpreter, what nurses should know about this important aspect of 21st-century healthcare, how to get the most out of interpreter services, and how nurses proficient in languages can leverage their skills as interpreters. 

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