Episode 112 Diane Dennis Driving Miss Crazy


Diane is a multi-media personality having produced and hosted three broadcast radio shows, hosted a pilot for TV series, a frequent guest on ABC affiliate KATU’s AM Northwest, a columnist for local and regional newspapers, an author and PR consultant.



Diane was featured along with 59 other women in the book It Ain’t Over…Til It’s Over by Marlo Thomas. The author interviewed women who overcame adversity by reinventing themselves. Diane has a degree in nursing, certification in Training and Development, certified as a Life Strategies Coach, and holds a certification in TED* (The Empowerment Dynamic). Diane specializes in assisting individuals and organizations through life transitions, to develop communication skills and teaches groups a vision orientation model goal setting for sustainable outcomes. Contact Diane at info@inspiredmc.com


Diane Dennis


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Episode 111: Sarah Mott of nurseborn.com

Sarah Mott is a Registered Nurse, inventor of the Lotus Stethoscope Holder and founder of Nurse Born Products and her online shop www.nurseborn.com.  



Sarah’s vision for her company is to sell products that have been designed by nurses.  It is her hope to encourage other nurses to invent products that can be used by healthcare workers.  As her business grows she would like to provide employment for nurses that have been displaced from nursing due to injury or illness.




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Episode 109: Dawn and Wayne Nix Of D5W

D5W was founded by Dawn and Wayne Nix on a mission to decrease healthcare/caregiver stress.

Their products are designed to help get you through the day as well as relax at the end of one. 

The name D5W  is medically known as an intravenous fluid used to rehydrate the body and restore balance.  This fit well with the company's mission to decrease stress.  Dawn states "We want to be known as a company who can 'Rehydrate your Spirit' and help one to achieve a healthy balance in life". 

We encourage you to find out more about D5W

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Episode 108: Nurses House

Nurses House is a nurse-managed, non-profit organization dedicated to helping registered nurses in need. Our history begins in 1922, when Nurses House began to offer nurses a place to rest and recuperate at a Long Island, NY beachfront mansion, donated by Emily Bourne.

Today, Nurses House is run by a volunteer board of directors and an executive director. Our mission is to provide short-term financial assistance to nurses in need as a result of illness, injury, or disability. 

We know our community here at RN FM Radio totally rocks, so for every $20 that's donated to Nurses House through May 2014, we will send you an RN FM Radio t-shirt as a heart felt thanks. 


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