Episode 115: Sarah Santacroce LinkedIn Specialist

Sarah Santacroce helps small business owners and solopreneurs find their place in today’s online world. She will teach you how to increase your online visibility so you can quit chasing clients and get found; how to tap into the power of social media, especially LinkedIn, to increase your leads; and how to understand and master the intricacies of Internet marketing. Sarah's expertise and eagerness to share her knowledge with others h ave made her an in-demand expert and a sought-after presenter at numerous workshops and webinars. Sarah lives & works in beautiful Switzerland but works with people from all over the world.







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Episode 113: Cynthia Phelps Founder of InnerAlly


Dr. Cynthia Phelps is the Founder of InnerAlly a startup company looking to revolutionize how we care for our own mental wellness. Using positive psychology principles she is developing  mobile, daily-practice apps.  Dr. Phelps has a background in pharmacology and neuroscience and has over 15 years experience in designing technologies for learning and behavior change.


Inner Ally


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Episode 110: The American Nurse Project

The American Nurse Project is a heart-warming film that explores some of the biggest issues facing America - aging, war, poverty, prisons - through the work and lives of nurses. It is an examination of real people that will change how we think about nurses and how we wrestle with the challenges of healing America. THE AMERICAN NURSE is an important contribution to America's ongoing conversation about what it means to care.


The film follows the paths of five nurses in various practice specialties including Jason Short as he drives up a rugged creek to reach a home-bound cancer patient in Appalachia. Tonia Faust, who runs a prison hospice program where inmates serving life sentences care for their fellow inmates as they're dying. Naomi Cross, as she coaches an ovarian cancer survivor through the Caesarean delivery of her son. Sister Stephen, a nun who runs a nursing home filled with goats, sheep, llamas and chickens, where the entire nursing staff comes together to sing for a dying resident. And Brian McMillion, an Army veteran and former medic, rehabilitating wounded soldiers returning from war.


The American Nurse Project

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Episode 105: Nicole Brown, The Adventures Of Nurse Nicole

Nicole Brown, MSN, RN, is a nurse educator, doctoral candidate and an Army veteran. She is the proud mother of three and is dedicated to providing positive images of the nursing profession for children and the world.


BOOK INFO: The Adventures of Nurse Nicole is a wonderfully clever and bright series about a nurse with three children who are curious about nursing. The Adventures of Nurse Nicole. “N is for Nurse” describes the art and science of nursing from A to Z with positive images of the nursing profession. Nursing is one of the most sought after and trusted professions in the world. This is a must-have book, because everyone will need a nurse one day. The next book from The Adventures of Nurse Nicole is titled, “Wash Your Hands,” is a step by step guide to washing your hands. "Wash Your Hands" reviews where germs are located and the importance of washing your hands. Both books are located on Amazon, B&N online and Kindle.


Nurse Nicole


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