Be sure to tune in for our last show of 2014 to share with us a particular privilege that still boggles our minds. We can hardly believe it ourselves!


With some help from 21st century technology, and other mysterious forces we still do not understand, we have tapped TIME TRAVEL!


Yes, you heard me. We have made contact with THE icon of the nursing profession, and she has agreed to an interview.


Ladies and gentlemen, join me now in welcoming none other than The Lady of The Lamp,

Miss Florence Nightingale - Live on RNFM Radio!

Chanelling Florence Nightingale is Dr. Candace Campbell, RN and you can find more about her here:


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Link from the Live HOA:





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Linda Bark, PhD, RN, MCC, NC-BC developed the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching® Model and is founder and president of Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy. She has more than 20 years of coaching experience in her private practice as well as 15 years of training coaches internationally. Throughout her career, Linda has pioneered new professional health pathways. Linda recently received recognition for her textbook “The Wisdom of the Whole: Coaching for Joy, Health and Success” which was awarded an American Journal of Nursing 2012 Book of the Year for Professional Development and Issues. Linda’s integral/ holistic coaching model is an innovative and unique approach to co-creating learning experiences that empower people and help them feel and maintain a sense of ease, fun and fulfillment.


In this RNFM Radio podcast, Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross discuss the ongoing development of nurse coaching, and integral and holistic nursing. Nurse coaching is a burgeoning field that offers nurses multiple opportunities for satisfying employment and entrepreneurship in a newly recognized and legitimized nursing specialty.


Wisdom of The Whole Coaching Academy

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Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN Integrative Holistic Nursing Pioneer EPS 134


Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, HWNC-BC, internationally recognized integrative, holistic nursing pioneer, a nurse theorist (Theory of Integral Nursing), and Florence Nightingale Scholar. She is Co-Director, International Nurse Coach Association (INCA) and Core Faculty, Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program (INCCP), Miami, Florida; International Co-Director, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH); and Director of Holistic Nursing Consultants (HNC), Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has authored or co-authored 24 books including Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice (6th ed., 2013); The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching: The Provider’s Guide for Coaching Scope and Competencies (2013); Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer (2010, Commemorative Edition); Compassionate Care of the Dying: Manual and Standards for Practice (2007); and Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action (2005). She is a ten-time recipient of the prestigious American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award, and many other awards.

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