You're tuning in to the teaser episode with the BRAND NEW Trifecta at RNFMRadio and we're going out on a limb here to say that we think you're going to love 'em. Nurses, we know that you've been feeling a little under represented and we can't continue to let that happen. 

We've got a new show format that we think you're going to fall in love with. This is just a small taste of what's going down at RNFMRadio and we can't wait for our full-scale launch happening later this summer. Stay tuned everyone.

This show is sponsored by Nabee Socks.  

Are you going to be at the NNBA conference in September? We are, and we've got a pre-conference event we'd love to invite you to. The Power of Podcasting. 

Need helping launching a podcast or taking it to the next level. We also have a podcasting community. Equipment resources can also be found at On The Pulse Media.

You don't call or write anymore. Pop over to the Facebook listener group and let us know how you're doing. 


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Co-hosts: Keith Carlson, Sean P. Dent, Ashley Miller

Music Credits: Boost by Joakim Karud

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