Gail is taking the worlds of nursing and medicine by storm as a concierge nurse, and publisher of high-quality online content! Gail will be graduating in May 2015, and will be practicing as an adult/geri primary care NP,  further expanding the reach of her concierge nursing practice. Find Gail at, and tune in to find out how we melt our mics with all of this content on fire.


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Cora Vizcarra MBA, RN, CRNI, VA-BC


Cora is an infusion nurse consultant and founder/president of a privately owned healthcare consulting and education corporation. She has more than 25 years of healthcare experience in both the hospital and alternative healthcare settings. She is experienced in insertion and management of various vascular access devices as well as administration of intravenous medications. She holds certification in infusion therapy (CRNI) and vascular access (VA-BC). She is actively involved in many professional medical and nursing organizations and was the President for the Infusion Nurses Society in 2008-2009. She has authored numerous articles and chapters in infusion nursing textbooks and other healthcare professional journals. She is known as @infusionnurse on twitter and is the author of the “Infusion Nurse Blog”.


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Betty Noyes is President of Noyes & Associates Ltd. which she founded in 1989 .


·      Management Education Courses

·      Leadership Assessment

·      Organization Redesign & Process Improvement


Prior to this she has had a 35 years of executive level health care administrative experience.  Her administrative experience has been in multi-hospital systems, large university teaching facilities, to small for profit Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency hospitals.  She has been a Chief Nursing Executive, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer throughout the country.


She has authored over 18 articles and is a frequently sought after public speaker.  She is an active member of various health care organizations nationwide.



The emphasis of Noyes & Associates Ltd. is the integration of mission with leadership performance and the belief that Excellence in Patient Care and Excellence in Financial Return are mutually interdependent!


Follow her here:


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Episode 115: Sarah Santacroce LinkedIn Specialist

Sarah Santacroce helps small business owners and solopreneurs find their place in today’s online world. She will teach you how to increase your online visibility so you can quit chasing clients and get found; how to tap into the power of social media, especially LinkedIn, to increase your leads; and how to understand and master the intricacies of Internet marketing. Sarah's expertise and eagerness to share her knowledge with others h ave made her an in-demand expert and a sought-after presenter at numerous workshops and webinars. Sarah lives & works in beautiful Switzerland but works with people from all over the world.



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Episode 105: Nicole Brown, The Adventures Of Nurse Nicole

Nicole Brown, MSN, RN, is a nurse educator, doctoral candidate and an Army veteran. She is the proud mother of three and is dedicated to providing positive images of the nursing profession for children and the world.


BOOK INFO: The Adventures of Nurse Nicole is a wonderfully clever and bright series about a nurse with three children who are curious about nursing. The Adventures of Nurse Nicole. “N is for Nurse” describes the art and science of nursing from A to Z with positive images of the nursing profession. Nursing is one of the most sought after and trusted professions in the world. This is a must-have book, because everyone will need a nurse one day. The next book from The Adventures of Nurse Nicole is titled, “Wash Your Hands,” is a step by step guide to washing your hands. "Wash Your Hands" reviews where germs are located and the importance of washing your hands. Both books are located on Amazon, B&N online and Kindle.


Nurse Nicole


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Episode 111: Sarah Mott of

Sarah Mott is a Registered Nurse, inventor of the Lotus Stethoscope Holder and founder of Nurse Born Products and her online shop  



Sarah’s vision for her company is to sell products that have been designed by nurses.  It is her hope to encourage other nurses to invent products that can be used by healthcare workers.  As her business grows she would like to provide employment for nurses that have been displaced from nursing due to injury or illness.




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Episode 109: Dawn and Wayne Nix Of D5W

D5W was founded by Dawn and Wayne Nix on a mission to decrease healthcare/caregiver stress.

Their products are designed to help get you through the day as well as relax at the end of one. 

The name D5W  is medically known as an intravenous fluid used to rehydrate the body and restore balance.  This fit well with the company's mission to decrease stress.  Dawn states "We want to be known as a company who can 'Rehydrate your Spirit' and help one to achieve a healthy balance in life". 

We encourage you to find out more about D5W

On Twitter @D5W.Biz

On Google+

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Episode 107 Vicki Hess, RN Employee Engagement Specialist

Would you like to come to work every day with a skip in your step? Do you wish everybody was as positive and supportive as you? Can you picture a workplace full of Chief Paradise Officers?


Well, you’re in luck! Our speaker today, Vicki Hess, is all about creating engagement, every step of the way.


From Baltimore, Maryland, Vicki is an RN, author of several books, Certified Speaking Professional and “Top 5 Healthcare Speaker” for the fourth year in a row.


When she’s not helping clients, you’ll find Vicki on an Adventure Girl outing, training for her next triathlon, Cooking at the Ronald McDonald House or thinking about how grateful she is for her 2 marvelous sons and husband.


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Episode 103: Staci Joy RN, Holistic Nurse Entrepreneur

Staci Joy's main focus includes fueling athletes for optimal performance and repair as well as families in need of improving their overall health status, decreasing their risk of developing chronic disease and reversing the disease process, with an emphasis on chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders and conditions included in the Autism spectrum disorders.


You can experience StaciJoy’s Health Zone, an internet-based radio Podcast, where she brings you what’s what, who’s who and what’s new in health and wellness today as she travels the world.



StaciJoy published her first book in March of 2012 called one littlething: how to make big leaps with tiny steps. This simple little pocket book is her attempt to improve public health by addressing the sick and obese population, teaching them how to make big changes by simply adding one little thing at a time to their lifestyle habits.

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Join us for this fascinating interview with Seth Hammock, an expert medical interpreter based in Austin, Texas.

Seth will share with us about his journey to become a medical interpreter, what nurses should know about this important aspect of 21st-century healthcare, how to get the most out of interpreter services, and how nurses proficient in languages can leverage their skills as interpreters. 

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