Episode 109: Dawn and Wayne Nix Of D5W

D5W was founded by Dawn and Wayne Nix on a mission to decrease healthcare/caregiver stress.

Their products are designed to help get you through the day as well as relax at the end of one. 

The name D5W  is medically known as an intravenous fluid used to rehydrate the body and restore balance.  This fit well with the company's mission to decrease stress.  Dawn states "We want to be known as a company who can 'Rehydrate your Spirit' and help one to achieve a healthy balance in life". 

We encourage you to find out more about D5W

On Twitter @D5W.Biz

On Google+

On Facebook

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Episode 107 Vicki Hess, RN Employee Engagement Specialist

Would you like to come to work every day with a skip in your step? Do you wish everybody was as positive and supportive as you? Can you picture a workplace full of Chief Paradise Officers?


Well, you’re in luck! Our speaker today, Vicki Hess, is all about creating engagement, every step of the way.


From Baltimore, Maryland, Vicki is an RN, author of several books, Certified Speaking Professional and “Top 5 Healthcare Speaker” for the fourth year in a row.


When she’s not helping clients, you’ll find Vicki on an Adventure Girl outing, training for her next triathlon, Cooking at the Ronald McDonald House or thinking about how grateful she is for her 2 marvelous sons and husband.










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Episode 103: Staci Joy RN, Holistic Nurse Entrepreneur

Staci Joy's main focus includes fueling athletes for optimal performance and repair as well as families in need of improving their overall health status, decreasing their risk of developing chronic disease and reversing the disease process, with an emphasis on chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders and conditions included in the Autism spectrum disorders.


You can experience StaciJoy’s Health Zone, an internet-based radio Podcast, where she brings you what’s what, who’s who and what’s new in health and wellness today as she travels the world.



StaciJoy published her first book in March of 2012 called one littlething: how to make big leaps with tiny steps. This simple little pocket book is her attempt to improve public health by addressing the sick and obese population, teaching them how to make big changes by simply adding one little thing at a time to their lifestyle habits.

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Join us for this fascinating interview with Seth Hammock, an expert medical interpreter based in Austin, Texas.

Seth will share with us about his journey to become a medical interpreter, what nurses should know about this important aspect of 21st-century healthcare, how to get the most out of interpreter services, and how nurses proficient in languages can leverage their skills as interpreters. 

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Gary Bronga is an expert entrepreneur and Founder of Clipeze Worldwide, Inc., a Florida Corporation. He is the author of the book: "Bringing a Product to Market From Your Home: With $500 and an Idea you can Make Millions". Gary has been awarded five US Patents and is a Small Business coach. He is a frequent guest speaker at conferences, community colleges, universities and on business talk radio. He has been featured in newspapers and business magazine articles. If you've ever been interested in creating a product and bringing it to market, join us as we discuss product development, marketing, branding, trademarkes, copyright and patents with an expert in the field! Nurses, we CAN bring our individual and collective genius to the marketplace, and Gary Bronga can help us realize how to do it!

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Please join us for the second appearance of Laurel Lewis on RN.FM Radio! Laurel, who calls herself a "Transition Specialist, Coach and Consultant" is a hospice nurse, healer, and visionary leader in the field of death and dying. Her "Death and Dying Dinner Parties", generally held in her home city of Los Angeles, have been attended by luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, and Laurel is now bringing these facilitated dinner conversations to cities throughout the United States, including New York City and Santa Fe. During the episode of RN.FM Radio, we'll talk with Laurel about her experience as a young widow, her work in hospice, and her coaching and consulting work in the field of death and dying. We'll also celebrate the success of her Death and Dying Dinner Parties, and allow ourselves the pleasure of her wonderful company and intelligent, insightful conversation about grief, loss, death, dying, and living life to its fullest. Dont' miss this episode which is part of our series honoring National Hospice and Palliative Care Month!

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Janet Fontana, RN reinvented herself when a latex allergy tended her hospital nursing career. She took positive action, finding tools for improving her health through yoga, meditation, exercise and nutrition. Inspired by the benefits she gained in using a mind-body approach to restore her health, Janet pursued a Master's degree in Health Education and Integrative Health Practices. She also completed training in mind-body medicine and positive psycholog, and became certified as a yoga and meditation teacher. Janet has helped thousands of individuals reduce their level of stress, optimize their health and get more enjoyment out of life. She is happy to share with the RN.FM Radio community her experience of the journey from hospital nurse to successful nurse entrepreneur.

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Mary Ellen McDonald has been involved with Palliative Care since 1982. She has worked in all sectors of health care including hospital, community health and long term care, and in 2009 she achieved national certification for hospice palliative care in her native Canada. Since her conversion to Catholicism in 1989, Mary Ellen has served as a Eucharistic Minister, and is a member of the Catholic Women's League Caring and Sharing Group. She is also an Associate of the Sisters of St Joseph's. Professionally, she is a member of the College of Nurses of Ontario, Sarnia Lambton Palliative Care Association, Save Palliative Care, The End of Life Network and the Bereavement Network It is Mary Ellen's personal experience with loss that compliments her knowledge and understanding of the challenges of grief. She recently self-published a book entitled “Grief til Now”, documenting the losses in her life and allowing the reader to reflect on their own grief and loss. Mary Ellen is married, with two married daughters and four grandchildren. Please join us for a heartfelt conversation about grief and loss during National Hospice and Palliative Care Month.

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Electronic Medical Records: How to Make Them Your Friend Is the medical record an accurate representation of the care you give, or will it come back to haunt you? During this episode, you'll learn how to look at your charting from a legal perspective. Find out how to protect yourself and your patient by hearing the insights of Patricia Iyer, MSN RN LNCC, a Legal Nurse Consultant with 27 years of experience.

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Please join us for an episode of RN.FM Radio like no other! On October 28th, 2013, we will be joined by three clinicians who are also accomplished poets and writers. Our airwaves will be graced with these writers' generous reading of their work (much of which is directly related to healthcare, medicine and nursing), and we will also discuss various aspects of what it means to be a medical professional and a dedicated writer. Joining us on this evening of inspiration and creativity will be Stacy Nigliazzo, RN and professional poet; Tom Lombardo, the founding Editor-in-Chief of WebMD; and Judy Schaefer, RN, MA and professional nurse poet and writer. Get ready to be moved and inspired!

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